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Things you should avoid discussing with a buyer

So you are all set to welcome potential buyers into your home. You are nervous about allowing strangers to access any part of the house they want, and you have been advised on selling points to focus on. What happens when there is a lull in the conversation and you unknowingly veer into uncomfortable territory? To avoid making a mistake, you first need to know the topics you should avoid to prevent sinking that sale.

  1. Avoid potentially negative reasons your Little Italy condo is for sale
  2. A death in the family, divorce, and bankruptcy are not just downers, they can, for some people, indicate an atmosphere of bad luck. Even saying that you are upgrading to something bigger can make what seemed like a perfectly acceptable option feel suddenly smaller. Try to stick only to positive reasons – the desire to move overseas, an empty nest, and the like.

  3. Avoid revealing the number of people who have viewed your home
  4. Mention too low a number and potential buyers may think there is a reason for the sluggish interest in your Little Italy condo for sale. Too high a number may discourage buyers who might have been looking to negotiate or prefer not to become part of what they think is a competitive bidding situation. Your best answer if the question arises: “You’ll have to ask my agent about that.”

  5. Avoid selling specific aspects of the neighborhood
  6. It might seem perfectly natural to sell the lifestyle of the area but the problem lies in not knowing the buyer well enough. You might have very different ideas as to what is good or bad. For instance, you might think a family with young kids would appreciate a playground nearby, only to find they would dislike the noise.

    In addition, if your Little Italy condo is for sale, mentioning the breakneck housing development in the area might be a two-edged sword. While the boom may mean a bonanza for the buyer in terms of the quick appreciation of the condo you’re selling, it may also be viewed as a potentially overcrowded neighborhood not too far down the road.

  7. Avoid bringing up religious matters
  8. If you are active in your place of worship, do try to keep that to yourself. Talking about how close your church is and the activities they undertake in the community may not be everyone’s cup of tea. People belong to different religious affiliations and some none at all. If you must mention something, opt for information on neutral locations like the closest shops and bus stop.

  9. Avoid looking like you are eager to sell
  10. Even if you’re in a hurry to find a buyer for your Little Italy condo for sale, never let the buyer know. Don’t tip off your eagerness through your body language and tone of voice, and certainly not by directly saying it. Even hinting at it by mentioning that you are relocating for a new job or have already moved into a new property is a bad idea. A buyer can use this as a weapon to push for a lower price.

  11. Avoid unnecessary disclosures on your Little Italy condo for sale
  12. Don’t bring up monthly expenses or building regulations. While you may regard this as part and parcel of owning any of the Little Italy condos for sale in your area, potential buyers may balk at what you disclose. For information on dues and rules, refer them to the building administrator.

    Touting some renovation work on your unit can also be a bad idea. You might consider the kitchen upgrades you did three years ago as still relatively new, but a buyer may think the style and appliances are dated. You may also end up misrepresenting facts if they ask about major work that was done by the previous owner. If you only ever took the former owner’s word for it, do not make claims you cannot be certain of.

    To avoid false or unnecessary disclosures on Little Italy condos for sale, and violating fair housing laws, it’s always a good idea to have your agent show the property and interact with potential buyers and their agents. A licensed Realtor will know how to skirt the many possible pitfalls that come with communicating poorly with others.

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