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Questions to ask when choosing a listing agent

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If you’re thinking of selling your property, then hiring a good listing agent is definitely a step toward the right direction. Listing agents are there to determine the correct price of your property and develop a well-planned marketing strategy to help in its sale.

Before choosing a listing agent, make sure they’re the best one for the job. To do that, here’s a list of important questions you’ll want to ask in choosing a listing agent:

Do they work full-time?

This is a simple but very important question to ask. It lets you know if the agent you’re about to hire is committed to helping you all throughout the listing process and won’t be distracted by other obligations. Having someone you can call at any time about your concerns is great, especially for those who don’t know much about real estate.

Keep in mind that when you hire a full-time agent, you’re getting someone with expertise and up-to-date knowledge about the market and recent trends. This becomes very advantageous when you’re selling in very competitive areas.

What properties do they specialize in?

With so many types of properties out there, it’s important to find a listing agent who is knowledgeable in and experienced with the kind of property you’re going to sell. Figuring out the kind of property a listing agent specializes in will enable you to gauge how well they can meet your specific needs. Someone with more experience in listing single-family homes might not be the best person for listing your condo, and vice-versa.

Are they focused on any particular neighborhood?

It’s best to find a listing agent who’s familiar with the area where your property for sale is located. Ask about their experience in certain neighborhoods or any recent transactions they may have done in the area. Having someone with recent and first-hand knowledge of the local market is a great benefit when you’re putting your property up for sale. A good listing agent knows about any future developments that could affect the sale of your home, the current market value of other homes in the area, and how to attract potential area buyers.

What’s their marketing strategy?

A great marketing strategy is pivotal when selling your property. Find a listing agent who won’t just put a For Sale sign in the yard or post it on their site and call it a day. A good listing agent will have a portfolio of strategies and a solid plan of action they’ll use to market your property. This could mean getting your property professionally photographed to put on an MLS listing, giving out flyers, staging an open house or putting it up on websites. Remember that good listing agents know how to get your property out there and reach the right people.

Can they provide any references?

It’s always a good idea to ask for references to see how happy past clients are with their listing agent. You should also check their website for testimonials or look at their reviews online. Finding out what past clients’ experiences are will give you a better idea of how working with a particular agent will be like. This could also clue you in on some bad habits they might have that you may have missed during the interview.

Finding the perfect listing agent is the first step in selling your home. If you’re looking to sell your condo in Little Italy San Diego, California, then you’ve come to the right place. With our years’ worth of expert knowledge about the area and experience with condos, we’re sure to give you the quality service you’re expecting. Give us a call at 619-322-2262 or send an email to brittany(at)finestcitycondos(dotted)com.