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Multi-functional furniture to maximize small home spaces

While there is so much good to be said about condo living, perhaps the only downside is that you have to deal with a small space to fit yourself and your belongings. You can expect that, even with Little Italy condos for sale. While the location is ideal and the amenities top-notch, customizing these can become a challenge – given the little space to work with.

The furniture gods have heard the anguished cries and in response, have crafted the most genius and stylish solutions for space-challenged living quarters – multi-functional furnishings! Here are just some of these great ideas:

Everything by the door

A multi-functional rack or a shoe storage shelf with a wall hanging coat rack in the entryway should hold all your essentials in one place. That way, you don’t forget anything before you turn the doorknob and head out.

Folding and storing

Dining tables can take up a lot of space unless you get one that folds or extends sideways. Or how about a square dining table with storage ottomans that fit snugly underneath for seats? These ottomans save space and can serve as storage areas for extra linens, beverages, snacks, and the like.

Versatile ottomans

Storage ottomans can work in the living room, too. Other than extra storage, they can also serve as extra seating or (depending on the material) as a coffee table. These come in various sizes and in a multitude of colors and materials. Bonus: They’re inexpensive.

The Murphy bed – with a twist

An awesome solution to furnishing a studio is a mutant Murphy bed. A standard Murphy bed simply folds up against the wall after use and saves so much space. But a Murphy bed combined with a folding sofa or desk that unfolds the moment you hoist the bed up transforms the area into a living room and maximizes the space.

Wall-mounted desks

If it can be done with a Murphy bed, it surely can be done with a desk. Wallmounted desks work on the same principle as Murphy beds – these fold up against the wall when not in use and can be pulled down once the need arises. Some are even ingeniously crafted to include pullout drawers and even seating.

Bed storage ideas

There is now such a thing as under-mattress storage. You just lift the mattress to reveal a storage area for extra pillows, sheets, blankets or bedspreads. It’s the perfect solution if linen closet space has reached its maximum.

Outdoor convenience

For tiny patios or balconies, you can still enjoy meals outdoors with a portable picnic table. There are versions that fold up into a briefcase that can be easily stored when not needed.

The ergonomic “C”

A C table is precisely what it is: it’s shaped from surface to base like a blocky letter C. It’s small, ergonomic, and flexible. It can serve as an end table, a coffee table, a TV tray, and even a laptop table. Best of all, it gives you so much legroom to move in as you use it. What is not to love about furniture that does double or even triple duty especially in cramped spaces? Multi-functional furniture certainly rises to the occasion with well-designed, quality pieces adapt to fit your needs, saving not only space but money, as well.

Consider these kinds of furniture as you search for the best condos that Little Italy can offer. Allow us, Little Italy Condos, to help you in your search. Call us at 619.322.2262 or email [email protected] so we can help you achieve your San Diego home buying goals.