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4,000 jobs coming to Downtown San Diego!

The RaDD project by @iqhq is the biggest development project going on in downtown right now and it seems like nobody is talking about it.

My favorite thing about this project is that it will bring 4,000 high-paying jobs to Downtown San Diego. This is what we need in Downtown. Jobs! I believe that this project (and the Horton Plaza redevelopment) will change downtown in a major way. It will provide these employees with a true “Live, Work, Play” lifestyle. The influx of demand will have a huge impact on condo values along the San Diego Bay, Little Italy and Downtown as a whole, especially because there is a very limited amount of inventory in the area.

I suspect that a good portion, maybe half, of that workforce will want to live within walking distance or a short drive to their beautiful new offices and science labs. This would mean that potentially 2000 renters and buyers will be flooding an area with not nearly enough residential supply to accommodate that.

@jorgesdrealtor 4,000 jobs coming to Downtown San Diego! The RADD has already broken gorund and is almost done! #fyp #sandiego #sandiegolife#downtownsandiego #RADD ♬ original sound – jorgesdrealtor

So if you have been thinking about buying in Downtown, especially Little Italy, The Columbia District (The Bayfront), or the Marina District. It could be better to act now instead of waiting for all of this new buyer demand to come in.

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